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A stunning, direct and powerful piece written by 3 participants from our workshop at Ryan International, Gurgaon. Kudos to Nimisha, Akanksha, Vidushi for the brilliant work and power to them.

(Boy) I’m a boy who likes to cook
Is that okay? So why the look?
Why the disdain, when you see me cry?
Must I always tough it out, without a sigh?
I’m expected to be loud and strong
Without question, push past the throng
(Girl) I am always expected to cook
People don’t give me another look
Expectations remain only till dowry
And suppress my emotions oh so flowery
Can I ever be equal to the opposite gender
And not be treated like an ungrateful stranger?
Girl: When I was born, i was wrapped in pink,
Deemed to be my symbol, an immortal myth.
Boy: I always used to be soft and weak,
My blue blood was not what i should be.
Girl: A girl child in the womb,
Is not at all a mankind’s boon,
Boy: A guy not in business,
Is bound to be a fool

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