In 2022, here are five tips to boost your Google traffic


Almost every business is now using digital marketing to grow its revenue. They lose sight of the bigger picture and spend all their energy focusing on organic or paid leads.

However, SEO remains the key to profiting most from digital marketing. The key to practical growth for your business is to optimize your website to increase its rank on search engine result pages and increase visibility.

This may sound obvious, but some still have difficulties reaching this goal, and why is that? The answer is pretty simple: Google updates its algorithms about 500-600 times per year.

Don’t worry, the article in this subject will reveal 10 tips on how to beat these updated Google algorithms in 2022, how to rank on SERPs, increase your online visibility, and make a lot of money.

Optimize Your Site for Google Passage Ranking

Google recently announced passage ranking: now, individual passages from your page can rank alongside the whole page.

How so? As you search on Google, you may notice that a section of a page is extracted and displayed on SERPs. Many times, the extraction isn’t related to the topic you’re looking for; it contains keywords that are related to your search. Google presented the extracted passage, which seeks information that is relevant to your search.

You should focus on making each sub-topic in your post fit to stand alone if the post were extracted, when trying to optimize your website for Google passage ranking. Your post’s subtopic should also be treated and written as a blog post.

Web Vitals: Understand Your Sites

Core web vitals might sound strange to you, but you’ll need to get familiar with it. It is important to understand the meaning as well as how to apply it.

These standards measure a website’s speed, responsiveness, and visual stability. We will take a quick look at some of the examples of the core web vitals.

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP)

-This one uses a timer to measure how quickly a site’s content loads. LCP should be at most 25 seconds.

First input delay (FID)

– First input delay is a measure of how responsive a page is to the user; you can say that it measures the speed that the page reacts to the user. FID should not be more than 100 ms.

Cumulative layout shift (CLS)

– This measure of visual stability measures cumulative layout shift. A perfect CLS is less than .1.

So now you know what to search for, how do you measure it? As a result, Google provides some tools that can help you measure your key web performance indicators. You are provided with updates on how your page can be improved before you upload it. The tools include Google search console, PageSpeed Insights, Lighthouse, Chrome DevTools, etc.

Focus on getting Featured Snippets

In 2022, this is another effective way of improving your SEO ranking. Featured snippets are displayed in a rectangular box at the top of the SERP page and are also known as the holy grail of search. The site is designed for people who need access to gas answers.

Although you can’t choose the content that appears in a featured snippet, you can optimize your content to increase its appearance probability.

I will share a few tips with you

Long term keywords

Four out of every five single keywords appear in a featured snippet. Furthermore, keywords that contain 5 words or fewer have a 17.7% probability of appearing in a featured snippet; keywords that contain 10 words or more have a 555% chance. In this case, we are focusing on longer keywords.

Use Questions

It has been demonstrated that people search for information through questions. Including questions and the answers in your content will increase the chances of appearing in a featured snippet.

The words why, do, and can are the most common to trigger featured snippets.

Learn the EAT Principle

You can use the EAT principles to improve your SEO ranking, and surprisingly you do not need any technical skill to achieve this result.

EAT consists of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. A site’s authority on the web is basically determined by its authorization. Google always ranks authentic sites higher than those in which there is no expertise or authority.

What are the ways you make your brand stand out amidst other brands in your niche? Taking pride in your brand and focusing on building its reputation are key here. To achieve this, you can:

  • Your customers may leave positive reviews on authorized sites if you ask them to.
  • It is possible to earn quality backlinks from other top sites in your niche
  • Your website should display testimonials, reviews, and other social proof to establish your expertise, authority, and credibility.

On a final note;

Google’s algorithm updates keep coming up with new ways to ensure that every business is visible on search engine result pages.

Having said that, you cannot keep up with all Google algorithms, which is why we have listed the best SEO tips for 2022 here.

In a short period of time, if you put in the time, effort, and consistency, you’re bound to reap the benefits.