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Aditya Gupta

Aditya Gupta is the Co-Founder of PFP. Aditya is a young social entrepreneur working to challenge gender-based violence (GBV). Prior to starting this initiative, Aditya has had rich and diverse learning experiences working as a management consultant in the private education sector with The Parthenon Group and as a consultant of mobile technology for farmers in East Africa with TechnoServe. Bringing these together with his passion for the cause and his education as a Computer Engineer (IIT Delhi), Aditya has been a keymember of both the Pratiti (gender program) and Pukar (technology) initiatives at PFP.




edit aarushi 2Arushi Mittal is also the Co-Founder of PFP. Arushi is a graduate from IIT Delhi and has valuable experience of working with young entrepreneurs at Be! Fund. She has experience of working on scale development projects with CFBI in the area of vocational training and Sir Ratan Tata Trust in Maharashtra. She is also highly skilled in and passionate about street theatre. Arushi has played a pivotal role in PFP’s growth and successfully led partnership development for Pukar, PfP’s very own GBV reporting mobile App, with the police of 2 different states. She has also developed into a powerful gender facilitator and is passionate about working with school children on gender.




manasiManasi Joshi, 22 year old, is a postgraduate student of gender studies at Ambedkar University. But what defines her is how she isn’t scared about being emotional about anything; this defines her decisions and work. She likes to change people’s mind-set on gender by talking to them. She really likes knowing people’s stories and always provides a non-judgmental space for them to open up. Still figuring out what she wants in her life but isn’t very keen to be on the right track too. She believes that food is the best thing in her life. Manasi works as the coordinator of Pratiti in Delhi.




sanjuctaSanjucta Sarkar works as Program Do-er Officer. She is a graduate in English literature from West Bengal State University and completed Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication from Visva-Bharati University, was a Fellow at Gandhi Fellowship in Surat. Before joining People for Parity she was working in Kaivalya Education Foundation, Mumbai as Program Leader.



devikaDevika Tulsiani, 21 year old, is a graduate in Political Science from Lady Sri Ram college. While sadly no one is born a feminist she found herself on engaging with the issues related to gender and sexuality through literature and then through volunteer work with Connecting Dreams Foundation. She is a strong believer that any form social upliftment cannot be reached without taking into account the various layers of discrimination and an appreciation of shared yet diverse experiences. She hopes to work for reproductive rights and sexual liberation. Devika works as an intern with PFP




anamikaAnamika Singh is a full time intern with PFP. She has just completed her Masters in History from Ambedkar University Delhi. During the course she wrote a seminar paper, titled “Understanding Venereal Diseases as a Social Disease in Colonial Bengal (1860-1905)”. She has also previously interned in National Human Rights Commission. She has a keen interest in photography and is an avid a travel photographer. Currently , she is also working as an Independent  Researcher and doing a comparative study on “The Culture of Tawaif’s in India and Geisha’s in Japan”. She is here to explore possible opportunities to work on gender.


Debopriya Bhattacharjee is an intern with PFP. She completed her post graduation in history from Delhi University (Lady Shri Ram College) 2016. She has worked with Women’s Development cell and Sexual Harassment programs in the past. Working with children is her long term interest. She also has a keen interest in learning and developing art forms of ‘ethnic cultural societies’ of India. After doing different papers on gender issues, she developed a keen interest in exploring gender issues in the contemporary world.



NazmeenNazmeen, 20 year old, is pursuing under graduation in mass communication (journalism) from Kalindi college (DU). Her hobbies are singing and listening to music. She believes in a realistic attitude and honesty and in smart work rather than hard/herd work. She is very emotional as a person. Her short term goal is to get a job in journalism and mantra is “Never neglect an opportunity for my improvement”