About Pukar

We introduce to you Pukar - a personal safety App that allows any of us in danger to send a SOS alert to one's emergency contacts, and guess what, also to the local police! And all of this, just by a single click on a SOS button on your mobile phone.

Through Pukar, the police control room (PCR) will receive a signal with user's name, contact no. and most importantly his/her real time location which enables the police to take immediate action and execute a rescue operation if required. You will literally be a moving dot on a map in the police control room and they will rush to ensure your safety!

All you need to use Pukar is an android based smart phone.

How does it work

Step 1: User downloads Pukar free of cost from the google play store

Step 2: User installs the application, fills in information and chooses up to five emergency contacts

Step 3: In case of emergency, user presses the SOS button on this personal safety App

Step 4: Pre-registered emergency contacts receive an SMS with user's location

Step 5: Emergency contacts can choose to send the SMS to the police control room (PCR) for live tracking

Step 6: Concerned PCR receives a signal about user's location on the city's map

Step 7: Updated location details are sent to the PCR every 5 minutes

Step 8: PCR sends nearest police van to location for executing rescue

Step 9: User presses OFF button on the application once rescued

Step 10: Emergency contacts receive a SMS notification that SOS has been switched off


a. How do I download Pukar?

On your android phone, visit Google Play Store; Search for 'Pukar'; Click on Install and its done, so simple!

b. How do I install Pukar?

Once you have downloaded Pukar (refer a.), click on Accept to start install process; click on Submit to accept our EULA; Enter your name & carefully choose up to 5 emergency contacts; Click on Submit, Tada! Now you're equipped to access safety wherever you go. We will inform your emergency contacts about their role via SMS.

c. Who should use Pukar?

This App is not exclusively for women safety! Any person (female/male) in an emergency situation (eg. street harassment, stalking, theft, fire, road accident etc.) should use the SOS button in this personal safety App.

d. Where is it available with Police support?

Currently, Police redressal support is available in Alwar, Kota, Udaipur (Rajasthan) & Nainital (Uttarakhand).

e. Does Pukar work when both GPS and Data on my phone are off?

Yes! What's more, it will prompt you to switch on GPS and/or Data when SOS is pressed.

f. Can I test the application? Will it send a distress signal to the police?

Yes! You can test the application and that will send a SOS alert SMS to your emergency contacts. Though you should remember you will be charged for SMS in this process.

g. When will the police receive a distress signal?

The police will receive the signal only when one of your emergency contacts forwards the SOS alert SMS on a number given in the message.

h. What happens when police receive my location? Is this equivalent to lodging FIR?

Police Control Room informs the police van nearest to your location to ensure your safety. They also call your emergency contacts to understand the situation better. No, this is not equivalent to filing an FIR. This is equivalent to dialing 100 to report an issue.

i. Do I get charged when I use Pukar?

We not charge you for using this personal safety App. However, the App sends SOS alert SMS to your emergency contacts for which the normal SMS rates on your pack will be applicable.

j. Can I change my emergency contacts?

Of course! Just go to settings tab on the App and modify your emergency contacts.

How can you support Pukar?

a. Download Pukar on your phone & get 10 others to download (do let us know, so we can mention your contributions on our website & social media)

b. Follow us on social media & spread the word there

c. Volunteer with the Pukar campaign - online or offline

d. Connect us to the police in your city to make a police partnership

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This short documentary - Pukar - is by Amrit Vatsa, a photographer and documentary movie maker