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“Pratiti is a journey, an opportunity and an experience, for young, diverse and passionate individuals who desire to explore, reflect, share and learn about gender-based violence in a warm and non-judgmental environment, which will nurture and transform them into empathetic leaders for gender equality.”

Testimonials from previous participants:

“I think the most bea10945280_1028887340472659_1569452898866341020_nutiful thing I am taking away with me is the ability to trust again. After the workshop, I felt more connected with myself. Felt emotionally stronger. I think I have found myself. I would like to enjoy the present moment and not justify/overthink about everything that happened in the past. I also hope to work in the area of gender based violence and learn more in terms of the deeper layers of the process of facilitation.”
Rangoli Goyal

 “I used to judge everything in my surroundings and my society from the same lens earlier. But after going through this process, I feel much more evolved as a person, as if I have been able to shed all my inhibitions and dilemmas…I feel much more positive, privileged and happy to have been able to attend a workshop like this!”

10994255_1037885929572800_6293745184397389370_n“I feel I am taking away from the PfP space a sense of clarity and power. I am feeling great knowing that here are people and here is a space where it’s possible for me to overcome my barriers and seek myself. After a long time, I also found some answers. I am honestly surprised by my own capacity to listen to the stories of others and will endeavor to keep it that way!”
Aparajita Kapoor

 “I am carrying positivity, a hope to be ‘I am’ and speak from the ‘I’ which will be constant now and something no one will ever be able to take from me. I loved the workshop, loved the people, the activities were fun, and all of this allowed my vision clarity to come out!”

10988912_1028883277139732_5048718388400291079_n “It felt intense, with the right amount of motivation for all. The activities involved light-hearted conversations while serious issues were discussed thoroughly as well. I am taking back an improved capability to absorb other’s emotions, and hope and plan and wish to engage in more patient and productive conversations will members of my family and friend, and equally importantly, with any acquaintances and strangers who may approach me in the future.”
Phani Kiran

11258782_1085189724842420_9115926002646455453_n “The first time I attended a PfP workshop, I loved the experience. I could be myself, talk to myself and talk about myself. Although I didn’t come with any expectations or beliefs, I enjoyed and valued every minute of it. I want to be associated with PfP and continue to feel like what I felt here! My bubble of baggage no longer exists thanks to some amazing positivity from amazing people. Kudos and keep up the good work! J
Purvi Yadav

 “It was an amazing experience, great bunch of people to have shared it with. I am taking away a lot of self-belief, a little more clarity, a lifetime of memories (I know that sounds cheesy!). I have learnt to forgive myself and the workings of my inner critic. I also loved the content and structure of the workshop, and am taking back a broader scope of my understanding of Gender Based Violence. Have immense respect for your sincerity and the efforts you are making.”
Nidhi Lohat

 “The entire workshop worked well for me because10665228_965838673444193_3642760400277090308_n it helped me enrich my knowledge with regard to sex and sexuality. I really felt well-connected and associated with everyone around me. I am taking back positive feelings and energy for both my professional and personal life.”


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