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7This is a call for support in implementing a healing program for 40 survivors of gender based violence (GBV) and discrimination in Delhi.


75% abusers are survivors

We live in a patriarchal society where individuals of all genders are susceptible to violation of basic human rights and even physical and sexual violence. This vulnerability further multiplies for people marginalized in the society on the basis of their class, caste or sexuality.

The psychological set back and trauma of such experiences affects individual productivity in all spheres of life and extends beyond the individual survivor, to the family and society as a whole. Victims of GBV may vent their frustrations on their children and others, thereby transmitting and intensifying the negative experiences of those around them. Children may come to accept violence as an alternative means of conflict resolution and communication. Research suggests that 75% or more of those who commit acts of sexual or physical abuse against others were themselves abused as children. It is in these ways that violence is reproduced and perpetuated.


Pratiti: a healing and empowerment journey

We have created Pratiti – a personal transformation journey for survivors of GBV, that enables them to process their violent experiences and heal from them, in order for them to achieve their full potential as well as for the society to break the vicious cycle of violence. Each cycle of Pratiti will engage 20 survivors of GBV for a period of 3 months through-

  • A 3-day residential workshop: intensive self-work and community building processes to build trust and empathy in the group, connect individuals to their inner wisdom, empower them to speak their truth, and promote healing via sharing.
  • Bi-monthly check-ins: custom designed gatherings for participants to dig deeper into their consciousness and support each other in their efforts to overcome their traumatic experiences.
  • One-on-one meetings: monthly personal meetings with facilitators for individual support.
  • Celebration event: participants, PfP community and supporters will come together to mark the beginning of a new phase in the participants’ lives.

Facilitators trained and experienced in healing and community building processes, and having undergone personal transformations through workshops with PfP will implement Pratiti. PfP will also create access to additional legal, medical and counseling assistance, wherever required.

Supporting individuals with limited access

gbv word cloudFor us, anyone who identifies that their gendered experiences or reality has disempowered them and affects their overall well-being, is a survivor and can benefit from Pratiti in the following ways:

  • Renewed connect with self and power to pursue own aspirations
  • Heal from violent and traumatic experiences
  • Build capacity to challenge GBV in future
  • Build capacity to initiate and undertake conversations on sensitive issues
  • Create a support system for life via PfP community
  • Participants’ friends and family will indirectly gain from their empowerment

A total of 40 diverse young people in the age of 18-35 will be selected based on their suitability for self-work processes, through collaborations with community organizations and online outreach. 75% of these will be selected from communities more susceptible to violence and with no access to rehabilitation facilities or survivor programs, for eg. low-income urban settlements; hijra, sex-worker, and LGBTQIA communities. We will engage third party evaluators to measure workshop efficacy, participant progress and to document impact stories.

We can start a revolution

We believe we can live up to our mission of creating healing journeys for survivors because:

  • We are a value-driven group of people who believe in the power of empathy, have ourselves experienced how love and support can heal past wounds, and are here for our passion
  • We have an experience of working on GBV for 2.5 years; and with 5000+ young people across the country on gender, gender based violence and sexuality
  • We are recipient of India Youth Fund 2014, have worked with the police in Delhi, Rajasthan, and Uttarakhand, have consulted for projects with UNICEF, Aga Khan Foundation, VSO

For more details and to contribute, visit – http://pfp.ketto.org/SupportSurvivorsOfViolence