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  1. Vibha – ASRA

VibhaVibha, she is 26 years old who lives in the slum area of shahbadh dairy. She has her husband and two sons at home and does all the household work by herself. Her husband helps her in everything she does. She lives a simple life and believes in living in a peaceful environment. Her surroundings have lots of nuisance creating elements who force down the voice of less powerful residents.  She is part of ASRA organisation from a long time. She is involved with Pratiti to know more about gender so that she can incorporate that in her life and in her work.




  1. Pooja – ASRA

PoojaPooja is an eighteen years old class 12th student. She walks every day for more than a kilometre for school. Her family comprises of parents and three brothers who all are supportive of what she does and doesn’t restrict her from anything. Her mother is her biggest support system. She likes singing and eating chocolates. She helps her mother in daily household chores. What she doesn’t like is when people judge and comment her because of her gender or clothes. She involved with ASRA organisation and hopes that Pratiti could bring in gender knowledge that she requires to change the society and stop the gender based violence.



  1. Kajal – CSEI

Kajal is a young woman who doesn’t like to live her life in restrictions. She wants to be a social worker and change the mentality of the society she lives in. she wants to bring development in the society. She lives in a community where women are discriminated and men are motivated. If a woman in her community asks for her rights she is married off forcefully. This is because of the senior citizen who supports such things instead of stopping them. She wants to change that and wishes that her participation Pratiti is able to help her in that process.

  1. Rinki – CSEI

Rinki has just completed her 12th in commerce stream. She wants to be a social worker so that she can help people. She likes to bring smile on the faces of people and not just that she likes to study as well as teach people. She was really confused on the onset of Pratiti. But her excitement to learn things has given her lots of solution to the problems he had. Now she is able to talk to people more comfortably. Pratiti has helped her to understand herself more deeply.

  1. Mehnaz – CSEI

MehnazMehnaz is a volunteer in CSEI as a PPSA teacher. She belongs to the Muslim family of loving members. She knows her strengths and talents, and is able to use them at time of crises






  1. Farheen – CSEI

FarheenFarheen is a BA (H) political science student and works in CSEI as a Youth Tech Hub Facilitator. She acquire a long list of skills to name few; mobile repairing, computer skills, nursing etc. She likes to keep herself busy with reading books, cooking, teaching and what not. She wants to fight all odds in her life and be a very successful person so that she can set an example to further motivate people like her. A constantly smiling face with lots of questions is a part of Pratiti because she wanted to work to uplift the situation of Muslim women and to understand how gender works in a social order so as to bring change correctly.



  1. Sangeeta – PARAS

SangeetaSangeeta is a Delhi based final year student. She likes singing and helping people. Her father is a carpenter and mother a homemaker while she one amongst the 9 members in her family. Pratiti helped her to understand gender. Prior to this she had no knowledge about how gender functions in a society. Now she is able to aware people on gender. Slowly she is trying extend the boundaries of the area she can impact positively on. She knows it’s a slow process but her excitement is all on point.



  1. Pooja – PARAS

Pooja 2Pooja is final year student of B.COM. She works as a teacher for Paras India which she really likes. She loves to answer to the doubts of her students and is open to learn new things with them. Apart from this likes studying and singing. Pratiti was an opportunity for her to learn more about gender which was lacking in her work earlier. She wants to keep working on gender related issues to change the present situation. She is very keen on learning new things from Pratiti and is very happy on how things are being taught to her in this program.



  1. Nasreen – PARAS

NasreenNasreen is a 20 years old BA First year student. She has been a part of Paras India for last four years. She belongs to the Darbanga district in Bihar currently living in Delhi with her family. There are ten members in her family with lots of love amongst each one of them. Her dream is to be a nice human being meanwhile typing master as well. She likes to sing and dance. She belongs to small town in Bihar and has always seen how gender affects every life. She is keen to take forward this fight of gender and make people aware of it. Pratiti gave her that knowledge that she can transform into making people understand gender related issues and how we can fight the discrimination and violence.



  1. Noor Bano – FIIR

NoorNoor bano is 18 years old who has just completed her 12th. She wants to be a lawyer now and make her family proud. There are 7 people in her family. She works for FIIR and is a happy human being. She got involved with Pratiti because she wants to understand gender and decrease the problems related to it. She has learnt a lot from Pratiti Gender Training workshop.



  1. Iram – FIIR

IramIram, 19, has just completed her 12th and filled forms for bachelors in social work. Through this she wants to make her parents proud as well make people know about her community through her work. She has two brothers and three sisters.  She feels really happy about her involvement with Pratiti and is enthusiastic about what she has learnt here. Through Pratiti she wants to learn about gender and can work on it further to make people aware about it.




  1. Nazmeen – FIIR

NazmeenNazmeen, 19, lives in a loved family of 7 people where everyone is studying. Her mother is a homemaker and father has his own work. She is currently doing mass com. Through this she wants to make her parents proud and happy about her. She believes in the actions more than she believes in religion. She is part of Pratiti because she wants to understand gender word and can further stop gender related discrimination. She wants to change the society that discriminates women on gender and force stereotypes and norms on them. She has been able to learn a lot from Pratiti.




  1. Neha – FIIR

NehaNeha, 19, belong to Jafarabad Delhi and is the youngest in her family. She has a diploma in textile design. She is associated with FIIR as a volunteer for last few years. She is working in Radnik Exports in Noida in textile testing and is passionate to change textile scope amongst her community. He is silent observer. She likes to sing, cook and playing with children. She is involved with Pratiti to raise awareness on gender.






NaginaNagina is studying in class 12th currently. She likes to do to nukkad natak. She is part of Aaagaaz group through which she can show anything that is going in her life through nukkad natak. She wants to talk and make women aware about gender. Apart from this she likes singing. She has learnt a lot of new things on gender through Pratiti. She has realised things that were bothering her from long. Now she can and she is able to talk to people on these topics. She is happy with the space Pratiti provides to put forward her voice.





Anjum, 17, is a very good actor. She is a part of Aagaaz theatre group. Currently she is studying in class 12th. He loves to draw and specially art-craft. Being at this young age she is able to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. She puts her voice out and explains people when they are doing wrong. This really makes her happy.