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Blog about the workshop contributed by Rangoli Goyal – Volunteer Facilitator with People for Parity.

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Gender sensitization, something that’s reluctantly talked about and inherently ignored. We live in a patriarchal society where the socialization of every child, male or female, is almost imperatively done and sadly this has been going on for centuries. Our recent workshop at Salwan Public School saw a bunch of enthusiasts ready to imbibe the gist of the issue.

We began with forming random groups and were all set to take the students through an experiential journey. Kindling it on a lighter note, we started-off with an entertaining round of Chinese Whispers to blend-in the likes. Abhinav from our team got on to a guitar and tuned us all for another exciting round of activities. We could hear the enthusiasm in their ‘once mores’.

Up next was a simple activity where daily life situations put-up before the students and their responses were heard. All we were trying to do was, get into their skin and know how they feel. In fact each one of us realized how others tend to feel in a particular situation, what is the best way in which we can react if we are ever caught in one, what kind of body language borders on harassment etc..

We then took to the Visual Representation route, the one which works the best. So a visual representation of situations was projected to them along with a set of questions which were to be answered individually. The responses were recorded and students did a commendable job! We even got them to role-play in similar situations and were pleasantly surprised to know how sensitive they already are to this issue. The visual aid helped us achieve the impact we desired to cast. A round of intense discussions on the same happened just after which helped us realize that we’ve indeed struck the right chord with them.

Talking to various students about their personal experiences, we got to know that many of them had their thoughts in place about how they would contribute if they were in a situation like this. Their responses were indeed well thought through and many of them seemed highly moved by the workshop’s experience. In fact some of them even showed their interest in joining the organization which indeed felt like a pat on our back.

I must say that the experience was equally enriching and we would be glad to have these students as a part of this initiative of curbing violence against women.

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