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JAIPUR: While the Union government is sitting on the launch of electronic personal safety device (ePSD) which was announced with great fanfare after the Nirbhaya incident, Alwar police has started using the first of its kind Android-based app for women safety. 

The app named ” Pukar” has been developed to ensure rapid response from police in genuine cases of crime against women, while at the same time minimizes the possibility of prank alerts from mischievous cellphone users. Instead of sending a distress signal directly to the police, the app will first send an alert message to five contacts stored in it. The contacts, will then forward it to the police control room with an easy option of swiping or pressing another button. The app also traces the location of the victim’s cellphone in real time and put the phone on “sleep mode” so that the criminal may think that the cell is switched off. 

Alwar SP, Vikas Kumar, said woman safety is a major issue in Alwar district. Several initiatives are being taken to make the local police more responsive and attentive in cases of woman atrocities. Launch of the android-based app is one of such initiative.

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