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Hello Pratiti team,

Thanks for selecting me for work on Gender Based Violence. I have learned a lot of things about gender based violence, equality and equity, during that three days workshop. Before workshop, I have a limited thought of gender and was also a bit sentimental and stereotype also. Now I stop this and become broad minded. My is my big weakness. But now I overcome and decrease my angerness. I hear each and everyone by heart and think about them and trying to give them a right solution. I also like all activity and games during workshop. In that three days workshop I also learned how to take leadership, and how to start a workshop and communicate with people. Overall the whole workshop is very beneficial for me.

About one day meetup in a month is also good for me. We remind all things and activities that we have done during workshop and also decide to work on gender based violence. We collect our issues and decide to work on them. Then  Me, Palak and Amitabh collect the information and  want to do work on them. But in first meetup we are a little bit confused bcoz  we have a lot of question and activity to do on gender workshop. So in first meetup we are totally confused but after that we talk to Amreen and decide to work on one issue by questionnaire and Café Mohalla and start our journey with Pratiti on Gender with school students and different-2 colleges and NGO’s also. So before 2nd meetup we prepared a plan. So second workshop or meetup is good for us bcoz we have a plan and now we also collect some questionnaire and poster and letterhead for mobilization. So now I am a little bit afraid and nervous also that how we will manage that all. Both nervous and excited also. And also thanks to our mentor Purvi to  communicate with us and show us a way to proceed. And also thanks to Aditya, Arushi and Somesh also. So I hope this project is very beneficial for me both mentally and physically also. Will learn a lot of things and leadership. I want to polish my soft skills and personality also. So it is very helpful for me for being a good human being. I will definitely give my hundred percent to fulfil this project. So please help me to do that.

Overall the workshop and both meetups are very beneficial for me. Will start our mission with 1st of April.