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Read the following blog by Anchal Mittal, intern with PFP this winter, about her experience of going out and talking to people about reporting of GBV..

Since the day I joined PFP as an intern, I had lots of hopes that I would finally be able to contribute something to the society. Generally, All we do is think and speak and never act. After joining the organization, I understood what great deal of work has to be done to ensure safety of rights of people. Before actually helping people, one needs to understand their problem to the core. On that day we finally set out to do a survey on why people do not report Gender based violence. We know that there some sort of violence that happens with everyone but a very few actually reports it. We have a very small number of reports of violence due to which even the government is not able to make some hard and fast rules against these problems. When we started the survey it was an all-new experience for me. It’s not everyday that you talk to random people, tell them to share some personal views and actually talk their heart out. The survey was an enriching experience for me. I got to know the feelings of abused people. It helped me look at the problems faced by girls with an entirely new perspective. Police is the one whom we can turn to whenever we face problems away from home. But girls were not so in favor of it. It was because of certain bad instances that had happened with them. I also felt the need of lady police officers in our police system. This survey was even a greater help to me on a personal level. Being a commerce student who aspires to become an entrepreneur this survey set a base for what I would experience when I’ll actually step out to achieve my goals. It helped me how to patiently listen to the people, how important it is to know the basic things first before you make further plans. It also helped me sharpen my communication skills. But above all, I felt that I am finally contributing in the Gender based violence that happens everytime.

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