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The following blog has been shared by Manasi, a student at Ambedkar University, who worked as an intern with us through May and June 2016 and now continues to work as a volunteer-manager 🙂

Internship with People for Parity Foundation for me was a complete learning opportunity. When i gave my interview I never knew what experience I am entailed to. First day into office and first time ever to a proper office space I was super excited to start this two-month journey. I had no idea what work I’ll be doing and why they have hired me. Yes, it felt like home. Even in the chaos of shifting office Aditya managed to brief me on my work. I was working on my first day when there wasn’t any furniture around. Soon the the office feel started seeping in and I realised working for 8-9 hours a day will not be an easy process. For an entire week I was asked to do lot of research which I completely dreaded. Sometimes with no internet too I managed to do a lot of work and still if I think back I have no idea what kept me working. I never liked the research part but one month into the the internship or now I know what difference those articles made difference to me. I always felt I was really lucky in this internship. Whatever I worked on resulted positively which motivated me to great extent. Soon I had an entire project to handle, Pratiti Delhi. This was when my real work started through which I learnt a lot of things. Had Pratiti hadn’t happened this experience would have been very different. The mobilisation part was of the most fun part though filled with lots of disappointments.  I wasn’t able to speak to desired NGOs at all but I learnt how to do it with ease. The kind of formal communication I learnt from them was really helpful and much needed. manasi 2

Each and every thing about this project taught me something. Sometimes I feel how was PFP people were able to trust me so much with so much responsibilities. Not even for once thought I was working for somebody else it all seemed my own. The workshop gave me lot of perspective in life and how I should start seeing this here I was able to do things that I like. Suddenly 4 hours of travelling and 8 hour work seemed nothing. I was able to see lot new things. I came here with an open mind to learn lot of things and for second also I wasn’t disappointed.

Personally as I said I was really lucky because everything fell in right direction. I got an environment to express myself and say whatever is bothering me. i wasn’t dictated to walk in one particular line but enough space to do the work as I like. PFP provided that sense of belonging to me. I never felt out of place. I was involved in decisions and my opinions were heard. I was given all the opportunities to learn and explore this world. I came into office with blank mind having no idea about what is going to happen with me in these months but certainly saying goodbye I very difficult. There were times I wanted to run away because of the amount of responsibilities were on my head and I was scared what if anything goes wrong but I am thankful to you guys for showing me this much confidence in me. Today I am able to think about what I want in life and what kind of work I would like to do all my life.  I was helped not just in the matters of work but personally too. The kind of bonds that I formed here is treasured immensely. Every member of PFP team had immense role in my internship. This was clearly a really special place for me. I am so glad that my first experience in the office world was this beautiful.

I am thankful to each one of in the PFP office to give me this opportunity to do so much and learn so much. Thank you !!

If you’d like to apply to be an intern with us, write to: aditya.gupta@peopleforparity.org

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