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I was asked to write about the workshop which was on ‘self community and sexuality ‘and I will start it by telling you that it was a beautiful day as it was raining and I was recently introduced to Aditya and the PFP and was about to become a part of it for which I was suppose to undergo this beautiful workshop which is a kind of welcome to be a part of the organization.

There was a face or 2 which was familiar so I was bit comfortable already to be in the group and then came the facilitator from the other room in a semi formal shirt and shorts jo mujhe bilkul bhi expected nahi tha and he said can we start a little late as some of them are stuck due to rain –believe me it was my first time that I came ‘on time’ from last I remember kabhi nahi and the ongoing small group chat started again, finally we settled and the getting to know each other part started but with a different flavor.

Sundaresha W.S. added about this in his feedback that what he liked about the workshop was – informal way of discussion and sitting arrangement.

So we were asked to whisper our names in each other’s ears which instantly got us near to each other and we already started to feel excited but I think most of us were not that open for long time- reasons unknown.

Then there was another round which was to introduce you to the people sitting on your left and right which scared me because there was a bomb question in it which was what are you doing right now ???? And I had no answer to it till then but I could explain what I mean to do in my life (I think).

It was time for a change, change in scale in faith and we were suppose to move to the park in the colony and the facilitator was again and again saying one thing lets go for a Trust fall aur mujhe samajh aa gaya tha ki maza aayega and I was prepared but when it happened and happened and happened for me it turned out to be a emotional event I was standing there thinking of everyone as a family and was feeling all the love and feelings shared by them as a part of my own self reflection, I think I’ll stop it here and share no more.

Arushi– ‘Trust fall’ nice setting.

Purvi – ‘Trust fall’ I could actually let go. The frustrated mind, acceptance to nuisance and unwanted things vanished. Being blank helped me to be calm!

Now we were coming back and again we were talking in small groups but by now we knew what we all were talking and sharing.

There was a part where we were suppose to share a story which was popping up in our minds at that time and I remember how I was comfortable to share my deep fears so easily to complete strangers having that faith in me of them.

This was the time when things were getting serious and people were going into their zones aur waqt ki nazakat ko dekhte hue hume instructions dee gayi ki ab hum bad-badana shuru kar den, this activity Mona – had expressed beautifully – the fun element was only in that energizer of ‘Babbling’. I feel this much element of fun is something I am okay with.

Then came the part for which we had all planned and prepared in our minds the talk on SEXUALITY and Aditya made sure that we go as deep as we could to talk about it, feel about it, write about it, he kept no stone unturned and was prepared and stronger suddenly.

Yogesh – sexual harassment is much more than I thought of, number of participants who stepped in with responses to such questions explained it. I am and much more confident and sure about the sexuality part. Workshop has verified this in me.

We all felt confident after the workshop as we started to write the feedback and I had it in my heart that this should not end this feeling, this talk, this sharing but … and when I had to walk down to go home I was feeling indifferent and when I reached home and sat with my mom I realized that it’s all in me who can bring this change and be happy like this.

Rangoli – One positive thing that will stay with me is the connection that I felt after a long time … with people, with face, with everything and everyone.

Radhika – I’m taking with me some unanswered questions which needs more reflection specially related to my personal life.

Gagan – I was feeling happy then and now. Looking forward to more workshops with PFP faces!!!

I made good friends and found new mentors for me to stay motivated and walk towards my goal which is to serve.

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