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Danish was a participant and a host for People for Parity’s workshop at IET College Alwar. Currently a student there, he recent wrote an article sharing his views on how cinema or movies contribute to gender differences and violence!

Read below for the article text –

Think it upside down , what would have happened if simran would have proposed raj ? Your most favorite end up with a fight scene where heroine save hero eloped hero. Finding it harder to imagine even? Hmmmm

I was caught by the thought when I was watching a movie Ki why always women get raped in movies. Why always women are shown up as a leisure material to society why everywhere they are showcased as an attraction center. Question raised and still unanswered.

But it had made me thought full to statement “Are we presenting the right image of women is it good in direction of women empowerment?”

After a deep thought I found it absurd to think but justful to write. Once in the middle of talk on topic related to this only a girl said that being a girl she would always like to get proposed but I asked why?  From where did she took up this feeling, I can thought of two best possible outcomes. Either from the society or by the movies or media to which she is attached to. On a survey it was found that Indian society is one of the most influenced crowd by the movies. We are influenced by the movies in each and every sphere of life. Even from combing our hairs to way we talk is partially of wholly influenced by it. And if such an influential medium is used for construction of something it would be good but what is prevailing in our media is that women are always picturized as a material.

Why to use women always in item songs? Is it justifiable to use adjective like “item “to a person. Why girls are always depicted as calm shy and introvert? Why they are most of the time shown obligated to house hold work? Why it is always so that women shown doing nothing when they are molested or abused? It is to be think because a good society is only possible when everybody enjoys equal social status and remain free from gender discrimination.

According to me rape is even an instantaneous reaction against women as in movies they are presented now a days on such a large scale that for a rejection or decline from a girl to male make him angry and leads to rape such type of projection is not only wrong it is hazardous for society because if such scene are misunderstood or consequences of it is not presented in right manner it will out break as cumulative un-understood opposite reaction. Now a days it’s like a small kid watches a movies and pick up a word shit as a spontaneous response without thinking of pros and cons of his act and now a days rape is also picturized in same way.

Might be my word sound rebellious to film fraternity people but it is a wake up alarm to them to use the power of media in good and sensible way. So a brighter future could be expected because present situation is not good for us. It is also not like that each and everybody is sleeping I appreciate few bold movies of new and old times but majority has to thing.

This topic is permanent debatable but conclusion is undebatable – “we need to work in area of women empowerment for a balanced and sound structured society”.

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