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Work*gender based violence

What is it that we do at People for Parity? What is the impact of our work? Sharing some comments written to us by participants at our day long workshop on gender-based violence.

17 young people came together to create this discussion space; and many were inspired.

“I am strong and I can be comfortable how I am. I want to visit my alma mater in hope of a gender sensitization workshop there; and talk about the incredible workshop experience with my friends, hopefully wanting to involve them”

“I intend to put all this info that I have gathered here with my friends and family and everybody who is in need!!”

The space was a calm, quiet meditation space, with just the right people, light and energy for reflection.

 “The facilitation was laudably consistent, including a firm and respectful adherence to the ground rules even at times that might have been difficult to enforce them”

“Its been an amazing session. Amazing facilitator and kudos to the team efforts. Its infact a very good session which has provided me structure to introspect (though there is high introspection) but of course it has got meaning post this. Wish to discover more.”

“I’m taking home the importance of creating spaces where we can comfortably talk about sensitive issues, past or present experiences. I’d like to work on developing workshop modules with pfp”


There was a lot of introspection and a lot of time spent with new friends.

“I felt a sense of belonging and will to change myself & if possible change or broaden few people’s views on what’s ‘gender’ ”

“hope, honesty, deep breaths”

“I feel like I want to say more but I need to shake off first”

“Would join yoga class (currently feeling a very positive vibe)”

We spent a lot of time learning about ourselves, our identities, our connect with gender and interaction with violence.

“I take with me the various meanings of gender based violence and also that there are ways we can or we are unknowingly creating violence ourselves. I am inspired to work with PfP. Being a victim for once in my life as well; I know how it actually feels like”

“After this workshop, I’m feeling more sensitize about the issues concerning gender in my life. Till this day, I was confident about talking about gender issues because I was talking about others rather than ‘me’ “

“Accepting that violence may been inflicted upon me and that I inflict on others (and myself). Also learning to “shake it off” – really works!”

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