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People for Parity (PfP) is a youth-led social change organization, which works on shifting attitudes and beliefs around gender and gender based violence, to achieve their vision of a world free of systemic gender based discrimination and violence where every individual can strive to be their best selves. PfP deeply imbibes values of empathy, restorative justice, inclusion and non-violence in its programs and approach.

Founded by IIT Delhi alumni and based in New Delhi, PfP is among the few social enterprises in the country which works with issues concerning all genders. PfP considers all forms of human rights violations on the basis of person’s gender like sexual abuse, domestic violence, limited access to education etc. as GBV, and strongly believes that these are simply manifestations of prevalent gendered mindsets and norms.

Over the last few years, PfP has built an in-depth understanding of gender issues and the beliefs behind them. In addition, the team has been trained in design and facilitation skills to create safe spaces for exploration, learning and healing.


Currently, PfP is working on three major programs:

  • Community engagement model to shift attitudes and beliefs around gender at a system level; via collaborating with development projects or for-profit enterprises in education, health, sanitation, livelihoods etc.
  • Capacity building on the intersection of gender, violence and development for young people working on social action
  • Healing spaces for survivors of gender based violence, including physical and sexual abuse

Till date, PfP has conducted inner transformation workshops with 5000+ young people across different states through schools, colleges and communities as well as reached 85000+ people through the technology initiative Pukar implemented in collaboration with Rajashtan and Uttarakhand Police. In process, PfP has not only created conversations around gender and GBV but also trained young people on preventing and challenging GBV in their communities through constructive action and empathetic leadership.


PfP is also one of the five recipients of UNHABITAT’s India Youth Fund 2014, a member of Commutiny – the Youth Collective, and a part of the Yes! World Jamily. PfP has successfully partnered with various governmental and non-governmental institutions including Aga Khan in Bihar, and UNICEF as part of their End Violence Campaign in Jharkhand.